RTI Answers the 20 Questions to Evaluate a FACE TSS Supplier

While evaluating a potential FACE™ Transport Services Segment (TSS) supplier, here are the twenty questions to ask to gain insight into that supplier's ability to deliver.

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For the FACE TSS Product Supplier:

  1. Which Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Conformance Certifications does your TSS support? Which editions of the FACE Technical Standard? 
  2. What is the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of your TSS product? 
  3.  What RTCA DO-178C DAL level does your FACE TSS support?
  4. How is this DO-178C certification evidence licensed, delivered, and supported?
  5. How do you enable data centricity per the FACE Technical Standard?
  6. Which additional open standards does your FACE TSS support?
  7. What network types and interprocess communication mechanisms does your TSS support?
  8. How do you enable rapid integration of legacy and other platforms not conformant with the FACE Technical Standard?
  9. What wire protocols does your Connext TSS support?
  10. How does your FACE TSS manage Quality of Service (QoS)? What attributes and capabilities are supported?
  11. What tools exist for debugging and evaluating a system?
  12. Which third-party hardware and software partners support your FACE TSS?
  13. How is your product licensed? How does this support the FACE Business Approach?
  14. What is the corporate structure of your company? What is your financial stability? What dependencies does your company have on government support of your TSS?

For the DO-178C Avionics Safety Certification Evidence Supplier:

  1. What level of experience do the engineers in your company have with DO-178C? 
  2. What do you perceive as capability gaps your company has in delivering completed certification evidence?
  3. What computer software development language is your TSS written in?
  4. What commercial RTOSs does your certification evidence support?
  5. What are your immediate and enduring funding requirements for this effort for this program?
  6. What tools are required to use your certification evidence? Are any of these tools DO-330 qualified?