On-Demand: From Open Surgery to Digital Surgery: How Robotics, AI, and Data are Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Aired May 21, 2024

Discover how robotic surgery is revolutionizing minimally-invasive procedures with AI/ML, data analytics, and advanced visualization technologies. These next-gen systems utilize multi-modal data from sensors, imaging, and surgical videos to enhance precision, automation, and patient outcomes.

Robotically-assisted systems are evolving into sophisticated digital platforms, capable of real-time integration and intelligent surgical guidance. This transformation marks a new era of patient-centric and data-driven healthcare, promising significant improvements in clinical efficiency and surgical outcomes.

Join our webinar to explore:

  • Key use cases and capabilities of next-gen robotic systems.
  • Design challenges and requirements for complex, connected surgical platforms.
  • The vital role of data-centric design in developing intelligent and secure digital surgical systems

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  • Darren Porras, Market Development Manager, Real-Time Innovations (RTI)