On-Demand: Solving Maritime Autonomy Challenges with UMAA and RTI Connext

Originally aired March 1, 2022

Building autonomous maritime systems can be incredibly challenging, due to the ever-changing environment and adversarial threats. Undersea systems have additional challenges as they submerge, resulting in a loss of communications. To help meet these challenges, the Navy has defined the Unmanned Maritime Autonomous Architecture (UMAA). UMAA defines a data model and services required of maritime vessels and systems. UMAA also calls out the underlying communications framework based on the Data Distribution Service TM (DDS) standard. DDS ensures that sensor and command data are delivered in real-time when and where needed — both in-vehicle; and off-vehicle to remote networks, when communications are available.

This webinar will explain how DDS enables UMAA to meet these challenges. While this session briefly introduces DDS, the main focus will be UMAA.

Presented by

Paul Schmitt, Field Application Engineer, New England, RTI