Aired February 12, 2020

The AUTOSAR Consortium has recently adopted Data Distribution Service™ (DDS) as a connectivity standard for its next-generation Adaptive Platform. In combination with the ara::com API, DDS enables Adaptive applications to achieve reliable, scalable and secure communications leveraging a rich set of Quality of Service (QoS) policies, while adhering to the semantics of ara::com's service-oriented architecture.

In this TechTalk, we’ll explore the integration of DDS into the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. We’ll highlight the most salient use cases for the combination of DDS and AUTOSAR Adaptive. Also, we’ll focus on RTI's reference implementation of the DDS network binding for the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform Demonstrator, and illustrate how it can be easily integrated with the RTI Connext ecosystem. Lastly, we’ll also address some of the ongoing efforts to integrate DDS into the AUTOSAR Classic Platform.


Emilio Guijarro, Automotive Applications Engineer, RTI

Fernando Garcia, Senior Software Engineer, RTI