On-Demand: Leveraging MOSA Strategies for Uncrewed Systems

Aired April 2, 2024

The Department of Defense's (DoD) Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) mandate is reshaping autonomous platforms across diverse domains. Our session at the Uncrewed Systems Virtual Summit, titled 'Leveraging MOSA Strategies for Uncrewed Systems,' delves into initiatives such as SOSA, FACE, and CMOSS, transforming integration across flight controls, ISR payloads, communications, and beyond. Join us to explore:

  • The evolving landscape of autonomous platforms
  • Integration of flight controls and ISR payloads with MOSA open architecture
  • The significance of initiatives like SOSA, FACE, and CMOSS
  • Strategies for implementing MOSA principles in embedded electronics design

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  • John Breitenbach, Director Aerospace & Defense Markets, RTI
  • Hans Weggeman, Field Application Engineer for Aerospace and Defense - Navy, Wind River
  • John McHale, EVP & Group Editorial Director, Military Embedded Systems