Webinar: Building an Architecture for Optimizing Oil & Gas Operations

The Oil & Gas industry is undergoing a massive transformation. With its current manual processes the industry is unable to leverage the power of advanced data and analytics. The industry requires a solution that will enable interoperability between all components, equipment and systems used in Oil & Gas well construction – regardless of the type of provider.

This transformation will result in the ability to:

  • Connect and exchange data and information between all parties involved.
  • Effectively manage the collection, transfer and processing of drilling and well data.
  • Reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the safety of Oil & Gas operations.
  • Optimize value chain while future-proofing the system.

Optimizing the value chain requires an integration of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). This integration demands that the correct data is collected and available regardless of which service company is involved. By using data-centric connectivity software as the foundation for these new solutions, Oil & Gas companies can collect and receive the necessary data in order to provide value.

In this on-demand webinar, Mark Carrier, Market Development Director for Oil & Gas at RTI, examines the industry’s current state of interoperability and describes how the industry can evolve to achieve the desired future state. Viewers will learn how RTI’s technology, built on the Connext Databus, can deliver the data distribution, synchronization and management of Industrial system data through a real-world case study.


Mark Carrier, Market Development Director for Oil & Gas at RTI