On-Demand: Moving Electric Utilities from Device to Data Centricity

Originally aired June 5, 2018

Today, electric Utilities across the world are facing tremendous challenges in the way that OT and IT systems interact. Current automation and control systems, such as SCADA, EMS, DMS, OMS, and back-office systems, are being confronted with connecting new devices, meeting new requirements and addressing security needs. Additionally, for many of the electric Utilities, accessing the data that they have created and saved is a tremendous problem. It is essentially “frozen” in legacy systems and protocols with few options for access, sharing or securing. In far too many cases, multiple stand-alone systems are still in place so integration costs continue to rise. “Just give me the data” is frequently the biggest problem statement discussed industry-wide.

When looking at architectural solutions, electric utilities are finding tremendous benefit in moving from device management to data centricity. However, electric Utilities need systems that navigate the past, the present and protect the investment well into the future. As a result, numerous utilities are investing in systems that will redefine the industry with a radically advanced approach to automation that safely and seamlessly integrates humans, existing mechanical equipment, machine learning and AI. 

This webinar will discuss the future of the electric grid and how RTI Connext provides a technology which enables a purely data-centric architecture versus a traditional hardware solution. Attendees will learn the difference and importance of data-centricity compared with device management, how this approach has an immediate impact on reducing system complexity for electric utilities, and how to enforce best practices through automation.


Erik Felt, Director of Market Development, RTI