Whitepaper: A Data-Centric System Architecture: What Robotic Surgery and Space Rovers Have in Common

Designing modern robotic systems for the Industrial IoT has become a reality for today’s engineers, developers and system architects. However, as the industry moves towards autonomy the technical challenges of connecting to the cloud, achieving interoperability between systems, and meeting the stringent security and safety requirements are only increasing.

You will learn:

  • How modern robotic systems are addressing the increasingly challenging technology and connectivity requirements
  • The importance of a layered databus architectural pattern and the DDS standard in meeting and exceeding these requirements
  • Lessons derived from real-life applications including NASA’s Human Robotic Systems project, the European Space Agency (ESA) Telerobotics and Haptics Lab, and advanced surgical robotics systems at DLR’s MIRO Lab
  • How to determine if your robotics project could benefit from using RTI Connext as its connectivity framework

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